Rocket Pioneers:

Discover the 2-day bottle rocket program led by passionate local high schoolers. Dive into aerodynamics and propulsion with hands-on sessions, free for all young rocket scientists. Choose from 3 mid-July weekends. Ignite your curiosity now!



The following is the schedule for each session. Halfway through building their rockets, the Pioneers get a snack break to recharge and continue. Saturday is an introductory session and if you decide to come again on Sunday, you can follow a more advanced path.


We commence the program with an explanation of aerodynamics and propulsion by using simple demonstrations and bottle rockets.


Every pioneer picks a bottle that they want to launch and transforms them into fully fledged rockets with the assistance of the helpers


After fully constructing their rocket and understanding the process of thrust, each pioneer fills up their rocket with fuel and pulls the string to make it soar

All Sessions

July 8-9,2023

10 AM-12 PM

First session

Walnut Park, Tenafly, NJ

July 15-16,2023

10 AM-12 PM

Second session

Walnut Park, Tenafly, NJ

July 22-23,2023

10 AM-12 PM

Final session

Walnut Park, Tenafly, NJ


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A short video of a model rocket test flight! (@tenaflyrocketry)

Short highlight reel of the third session
Longer montage of the first session

Team Members

Rocket Pioneers Staff

Benjamin Dreyer


Gabriella Man


Sharon Frid


Nikolai Tiamkin


Jordan Twiss


Benjamin Sandler